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We are an independent insurance agency serving New York and Connecticut since 1966, and specializing in both personal (auto,home,boat,RV,motorcycle, etc) and business insurance. This is our LJ home, where we will offer helpful information and try to answer insurance questions, while engaging in interesting conversation with others here on Livejournal.

If you have a question, please feel free to post it here. The best customer is an informed customer. Your personal property and assets are one of the most important things that you will need to protect and the insurance product becomes a viable option for achieving this if you can find the right coverage at the right price.

To do this, you need to know what the right coverage is for you. Hopefully we can help you do that.


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Don't Commit Insurance Fraud!
Oh, but do record it if you do, because this is just so entertaining for those of us who would never contemplate doing such a thing.

You've got to love stupid criminals!

The Video

It's Almost Summer! Protect yourself on Vacation!
The sun is finally shining here in the Northeast and thought turn to fun in the sun and VACATION! Just do it safely. Protect yourself and your belongings.

Check out our blog post about insuring your important items.

Personal Article Floaters and what they mean to you...

There are a few sites I have found that offer some good advice as well for vacationers:

How To Avoid Loss and Theft on Family Vacations

Five Ways to Avoid Theft on Vacation


And here's a good one about theft aboard airplanes! Bet this one didn't occur to you:

In-flight theft: Watch your wallet

There's lots of good info out there. And you can always call us about covering your valuables while you are away.  Generally, your homeowner's insurance carrier will cover these items, so call us for a quote for your home too!

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Moving is Heck!
Wow! We have moved our office and we actually survived it! It was some fun, but we are in our new quarters, intact and back up and running.

So it's time to blog again! I have certainly gotten behind. Winter here in the northeast has been tough, with many feet of snow still piled on the ground and many many people dealing with ice damming and water leaks in their homes.

Thankfully your Homeowner's Insurance will cover that damage.

Check out my post on just this subject:  Ice Damming and You

Stay warm. Summer will eventually come.

Back soon with more.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Have a safe and filling Thanksgiving holiday.

Funny Thanksgiving

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Like a Phoenix from the Ashes - Ground Zero
I posted a blog entry today with a link to a Ground Zero live cam. Don't ask me why, but I just  wanted to see how the work there was progressing today.

Check it out here.

And have a brilliant day!

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Wow New Yorkers, Turn In Those License Plates!
We just received a notice for one of our customers, and I know this is just a standard form attached to the back, but I had no idea how the fines for holding onto license plates once you cancel your insurance had increased!

I still have to verify this, but the NY Insurance Department form PN969781062383040584NY122006 (is that name long enough?) says the following:

You cancel your car insurance, and you keep the plates, maybe hang them up in your garage?

For a 1 to 30 day lapse the fine is $8.00 per day. This we knew. BUT, for 31-60 days? Tag on $240.00 and it becomes $10 per day. For 61-90 days? Add $540 and up it to $12 per day.

Ouch, ouch and ouch. I've had customers want to keep their vanity plates, but have to turn in a car before they had bought another. And how many times have they waited a month to tell me this? There's nothing I can do for them, really. There is an option in some cases to simply turn in the plates for a certain period of time, a punishment period of sorts. But ignorance of the rules is never a defense.

So check out the NYS DMV website. There's lots of helpful information that might save you a lot of time and trouble (and money) in the long run.

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Gorgeous Weather! Happy Summer!
Well, we survived the heat wave here, and days without power. Of course, we have a generator, so we weren't in such awful straits as some folks were. Now it's absolutely beautiful outside and summer is in full swing.

Here's an article with some great tips on how to stay cool this summer!

Hilton Head Island Rocks! As usual...
Another annual pilgrimage to HHI is in the books, and what a great week we had. As always, the place is beautiful, the beach was wonderful, the ocean temp was perfect and we could not have asked for better weather. While everyone was sweltering back here in New York, we had our usual "88 and sun and clouds" all but one day when it did hit 103 down there.

Alas, all good things come to an end and so we headed up the road back home here to good old NY, which we also love of course.

I took this picture out the front windshield on I-95 in New Jersey on the way home. Doesn't it look like a watercolor painting of the city? 

It's great to go away, but it's always even better to come home. :)


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